NAS space getting low

Alas after 3 running for 3 years the space on my home NAS is running low.

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/md0              915G  905G  9.9G  99% /
So it's time to upgrade however due to budget constraints and the fact I need 2 for raid it will only be to 2TB drives.
Now comes the question of which disks to use. Currently I use 1TB Samsung HD103SJ drives and to be honest they've served me well in a 24/7 environment running for 3 years. 
Go with cheaper Toshiba drives for £60 each however i'm a little cautious as I haven't used Tosh drives much. 
Or for £77.96 each I can have the quality Western Digital "RED" drives but reading the reviews on amazon there seems to be an issue with warranty being 'out of region' which means they will not honour the warranty in the UK meaning you would only get the 1 year warranty from amazon and not the full 3 year WD one. It also appears the seller is shipping the 3 platter version instead of the 2 platter one which perform better with less noise.
After some research and reading of reviews i've decided to stick with the samsungs and found them slightly cheaper here

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