The Hogfather

I waited for in anticipation at the announcement of the TV adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s The Hogfather from his Discworld series. I remember reading it many years ago which is a miracle in itself as i’m not a big reader but I enojeyed it none the less. It was aired on skyone on 18/12/06 & 19/12/06 between 20:00-22:00 and I must say it didn’t disapoint, it stayed very true to the book and didn’t loose the humour. A good cast was to be had….

David Jason – Albert
David Warner – Lord Downey
Ian Richardson – Voice Of Death
Joss Ackland – Mustrum Ridcully
Marc Warren – Teatime
Michelle Dockery – Susan
Neil Pearson – The Raven
Nigel Planer – Mr Sidney
Peter Guiness – Medium Dave
Stepehen Marcus – Banjo
Tony Robinson – Vernon Crumley

Although four hours long it didn’t seem like it and it bounced along and I never bored of it.

Death was by far my favourite character

I’ve decided that for a laugh from now on when I do reviews I will give a chainsaw rating out of 5. And a surprise even to me, The Hogfather gets

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