Bio Fuel

Went to fill up with diesel tonight and found my local Tescos shut, alas the hunt began, next up was a Texaco which wanted 111.9p a litre! holy cow talk about take mick. Next was Gulf which wanted 107.9p then some random one which was 109.9p. I finally got some from Shell @ 106.9p.

What the hell is going on? are we soon going to be plumeted into a Mad Max frenzie where you have to drive 200 miles to fill up and all tankers will be armoured plated and have gun turrets on the top.

As I have a diesel i’m going to look into a bio fuel option. I’ll keep you posted with my findings.

PS Apparrently we can’t say “Taking the mickey” as it’s been suggested that “mickey” in this context is an ethnic slur for an Irish person even though the saying derived from cockney rhyming slang “take the mickey bliss”, meaning ‘take the piss’ Alas soon we will not be able to say nothing as there’s an off chance we might offend someone.

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