Fleetwood Garland 165/5 Caravan Damper

So had a problem with my 1993 Garland since I bought it 2 years ago, when braking the caravan seems to over run and and there’s a clunk and a thud. The same goes for when pulling away from stationary. I narrowed it down to a knackered damper. I tried to push the hitch in to test it but it wasn’t budging at all.

I took the A-Frame cover off but couldn’t find any reference to the damper part number which is apparently stamped on some caravan chassis. I found two plates one that was on the A-Frame

And one that was on the hitch.

I googled 48.24.571.002 and all I could find was an old ebay ad stating (Ref;275E) BPW Damper 02.3722.08.00.0 for BPW coupling  48.24.571.002 P92535 Genuine BPW Hitch Damper 02.3722.08.00.0 BPW coupling  48.24.571.002 P92535 and then hit a dead end.

However I had identified that the hitch/chassis was made by BPW. I dropped BPW an email and they told me that that I needed part 02.3722.07.00 the cheapest I could find this was £81.16 plus postage which was a little high for my liking so I decided to do some digging. After matching up lengths/operating weights etc I found that part number 87000709 for the Avonride/Knott chassis was a match, I found this for £41.96 plus postage which is half the cost of the BPW one from the same supplier.

Due to the bargain hunter I am I pursured my search on ebay and found item number 201166665608 described as KNOTT AVONRIDE TRAILER DAMPER 750-1300KG 576000 87000709 FITS IFOR WILLIAMS for £39.25 with free postage.

Surely I should have been happy? but wait a minute I don’t buy manufacturer parts for my cars unless I can’t avoid it so why should I for my caravan? after a bit more searching I found item number 201322048394 described as REPLACEMENT TRAILER DAMPER FOR KNOTT 87000709 750-1300kg KFG13 & IFOR WILLIAMS for £27.25 posted!

So for a bit of investigating and perserverance I managed to save £65!. I ordered today and will hopefully be fitting it at the weekend.,

So for reference the BPW damper is

545mm with damper
Body length 330mm
Rated upto 1300kg

There is also a Ifor Williams matching part number which is P00937

I hope this post saves someone some effort/money let me know if it has!

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  1. Dear Sir
    You was looking at our Ad 275e, had you contacted us we would have been more than happy to help you,,
    In principle we never mix & match, but we now stock a pattern part which is possibly what you bought, not a problem.
    Hopefully we may of service to you in the future, have a look on our Ebay shop site, a lot of stock.!
    Yours sincerely
    Customer care
    Swordcrown Caravans
    PSA We are awaiting of a new Web site, keep looking!

  2. Thanks for your detailed post, I have just read it and found the right damper for £28.00

    You are a life saver

  3. Mines like your is thumping when I stop and take off again, have followed your thoughts and waiting for Ifor Williams part coming, how did you get the Cover off i can only find a small screw either side at front behind tow ball hitch but it will not come out-there must be other screws holding in on

    1. Hi Brian are you referring to the A-frame cover? unfortunately it was so long ago I can’t remember how I took it off but pretty sure it was only a couple of screws/bolts. When you get it off would be great if you could post a pic or how to on here.

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