Vauxhall Astra G Estate 1.7dti Servicing – Part 2 Cabin Pollen FIlter

On previous cars i’ve found these filters are generally missed by home mechanics as well as garages.

Parts Required: Pollen filter – I used a Bosch one as it was only a couple of pound more than another brand from eurocarparts

Tools Required: xxx hex bit
5.5 socket (or 7/32 if you don’t have one)

1, Identify and remove 3 hex bolts at bottom of glove box.

2, Open glove box and remove 3 further screws (make sure you support it when removing the last one as the light is attached).

3, Disconnect glove box light by simply pushing the back connector backwards.

4, Identify the pollen filter housing cover and remove 2×5.5mm bolts.

5, Remove the housing cover – There are a couple of awkward clips at the top and bottom so don’t just try and pull it off as they will break, I found just twisting and getting the bottom out then the top worked.

Picture of the cover as you can see someone has previously broken one of the clips!

6, Remove old filter, it won’t come out ‘straight’ so you will need to twist it slightly.

As you can see the person who previously fitted mine managed to crease it.

After removal if you look on the end of the filter it will have some directional arrows, these ‘should’ point inwards towards the centre console when fitted and not towards the bulkhead/engine bay.

Old vs New

7, Now before fitting the new one I recomend you refit the old one a couple of times so you can see how it goes in and how easy it is to crease it. I refitted mine by inserting it like this (DONT FORGET TO HAVE THE ARROWS POINTING TOWARDS THE CENTRE CONSOLE).

and rather than pushing it in from the end I ‘fed’ by alternately pushing in the top and bottom part nearest to the holder.

It ended going in nicely with no creases.

8, Refit cover

9, Insert glove box halfway and reconnect light.

10, Screw in six glove box screws.



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