Vauxhall Astra G Estate 1.7dti Servicing – Part 3 Oil Filter

Time for part 3 of my DTi servicing guide and this time it’s the oil filter.

My service book states oil and filter changes should be done every 20000 miles or 12 months which ever comes sooner. Personally I do mine every 10000 miles or 12 months.

As I couldn’t be bothered to roll around on the floor to drain the oil via the sump plug I used my 12v pump to empty it. (I will get a pic of the sump plug when I get a chance)

Parts Required: Oil filter – Again I used a Bosch one as it was only a couple of pound more than another brand from eurocarparts *Your new filter should have come with 3 new rubber o-ring seals make sure they are there as sometimes they are missing!*

5l Oil 10w 40 semi-synthetic – Up to you which brand you use I just get whatever ever decent one is on offer at the time. This is the stuff I usually use eurocarparts

32mm socket – This can be had from ebay, amazon, motor factors etc.

1, Run engine up to temperature

2, Remove dipstick and insert thin tube from pump and feed down.
3, Insert other tube into suitable container

4, Switch on and marvel at your clean hands!

5, Once tube is running clear(ish) switch off and remove

6, Remove pink connector from air filter pipe

7, Identify oil filter housing

8, Use 32mm socket and undo housing in clockwise direction

9, Remove housing and filter

10, Separate housing and filter

11, Your new filter should have come with 3 new rubber o-ring seals and these should be used when changing the filter. Remove old ones and replace with new.

12, Attach new filter to holder and insert into housing and tighten up anticlockwise to 26Nm

13, Fill up oil via filler cap. Manufacturer stats oil capacity is 4.5L but check as you top it up as too much can be as bad as not enough.

14, Run engine and check oil level again when cold.

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