Well basically my home desktop is beginning to stuggle a bit but that’s hardly surprising considering it’s only a P4 2.0ghz and the strong media oriantated world we live in.

Now as you can probably tell I have no desire to have the fastest most up to date kit however I do realise when I’m defeated. After much research and due to me having an old 478 motherboard my choices are limited with how far I can go. So today I managed to pick up a P4 2.6ghz Northwood off ebay for a tenner which I believe I can crank up to 3.2ghz which by today’s Dual/Quad core standards isn’t much but i’m on a limited budget and hence can’t fork out for a new motherboard as well (although I am watching a couple of bundles on ebay).

Obviously overclocking=heat so I’m currently looking into some coolers someone recommended the Thermalrigh AX47 however it has a noise rating of 52.5.dBA and pushed out a whopping 66.5dBA in a test by FrostyTech which I think is outrageous but that said it does take top spot in they’re list of 478 heatsinks so it comes well recommended. Whatever I go for it obviously keep the cpu under 60c, I think I will consult the gurus.

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