While driving around today I felt the need to change the CD. I put one of choice in and guess what? it wouldn’t play as it was scratched. No problem I thought so tried another and that one would only play about 4 tracks. 3rd time lucky I thought but no it just kept skipping. I have loads of CD cases and even more CD’s but never manage to keep one in the other.

This made me think why in this day and age do we still use this medium for music in cars? With usb pen drives why not use it as a suitable alternative? ie

256mb for £4.69
512mb for £6.27
1024mb for £10.52
2048mb for £13.22
4096mb for £19.05

Now 4gb storage for 20 quid can’t be bad and i’m sure you could fit a fair few MP3’s on it.

I will look into a new car stereo with usb compatability.

Off to Tescos now to get some pots! (that’s potatoes by the way).

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