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As per one of my earlier posts i'm looking to upgrade the drives in my home server. I've been looking into how I go about doing this from a Debian point of view and it seems like a bit of a mission, I would have to manually fail a drive, insert new one partition copy data across etc also i'm wondering how long 2tb is actually going to last me, remember this is the server for all the family so at some point I can see storage requirements expanding beyond thsi. 

At the moment i'm looking at the HP G7 N54L Microserver which although advertised as supporting 8GB memory and 4x2TB drivers people have reported running them on 16Gb memory and 4TB drives plus it supports hardware raid.
The trouble is doing all this will cost about £400 which is a hell of a lot of money BUT will this be cheaper than upgrading 1TB avery couple of years?

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