HP Microserver N54L Nas Build

As per my previous posts i've decided to take the plunge and go for the N54L Microserver from HP. Rather than doing many posts covering the post I will be encompassing everything into a single one as a blog reader I find this easier to follow than many posts spread over lots of days causing confusion.

As I said previously the thing that put me off about the microserver was the fact it had no media card slots and only a single 5.25" bay. After some research i've found a solution, namely the Startech Slim Optical & 3.5in Hard Drive Mounting Bracket for 5.25in Front Bay which allows for fitment of slim optical drive and a standard 3.5" device in my case a media card reader.

That's the first problem sorted, the next one was to overcome the fact that the internal usb on the N54L doesn't use a header as on most motherboard but rather a 'real' usb port. I managed to find the Akasa External to internal USB adapter which will convert from the header connector on the media card reader to a usb port. I purchased this and a Samsung SN-208FB/BEBE 8x DVD/RW SATA Slim Black OEM along with a Akasa AK-ICR-07U3 3.5" Black Internal Multi Card Reader M2, Micro SD & USB 3.0 from Scans store on ebay for total of £27.66 delivered to my local argos store, ok so the usb 3.0 connector is pointless for the microserver but i've had a couple of the cheapo media readers before and they seem to just stop working or break so thought i'd spend a couple of poound extra on a named brand.
More to follow………..

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