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Do you ever get that ‘I want to build something but you know people are going to end up thinking, why?’ moment?

No? just me then ha. Well after browsing the web this morning and coming across wacky things to build on instructables it took me back to when I had the need for an external webcam. it was housed in a plastic container and looked rubbish but the main thing it needed to be was water resistant ‘damn english weather’ which I knew it wasn’t. While hunting round for a suitable alternative I came across a solar powered garden light which i’d brought from the poundshop half knowing it was going to be naff which indeed it was, BUT it must have a certain level of water resistance due to it’s theoretical intended use, SO how about sticking a webcam in the enclosure? Yes I know you thinking i’ve gone mad so i’m giving you the opportunity now to go and view someother site before clicking the ‘Read More’ link below, you have been warned….


1 x Labtec V-UH13 webcam

1 x Poundshop solar light on stalk

Soldering iron

Small screwdriver

10mm Drill bit and drill (obviously)

          Remove 2 screw at back                          Remove front cover   

        Remove small black screw                  Remove camera from housing

         Seperate head and stalk                   Seperate light and clear bowl

       Place bowl flat on surface                           Drill out centre hole

         Turn over camera PCB                       Cut black wire and remove connector

      Feed connector through hole                Solder black wire and reconnect

         Plug into PC and test                          Seperate stalk sections

   Cut seciton out of tube for cable               Feed USB end through tube    

        Connect stalk assembly                        Unscrew lens holder from camera

     Push out lens and put on PCB                Locate camera and replace top

           Pull wire for snug fit                               Attach spike

                       test                                          jobs a goodun

Obvioulsy you’ll have to tinker with the focus a bit dependgin on what your going to be viewing and to make allowances for the plastic bowl

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