Time for a new NAS

I’m currently paying for 50gb of remote storage but the trouble is I need to backup too much data offsite ie in excess of 500gb to make this facility financially viable. I’ve been searching for a suitable box that I can place at a friends house so I can backup my files to there. I have 2 spare 500gb sata drives so looked at NAS enclosures, I drilled it down to a D-Link DNS-323 and a Thecus 2100 both of which have low operating costs in terms of power consumption something which is important as my friend is hosting it for free. After spending some time looking at specs I’ve decided on the Thecus. It has a faster CPU 600mhz, upgradable memory, 3 USB ports and 2 gigabit network ports. The plan is to run Debian 6.0 on it.

I’m currently watching 2 on fleabay so will hopefully nab one of those.

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