V+ 24hrs On

Well i’ve had my V+ service for 24 hours now and I must say i’m pleasently impressed. The install went smoothly and I just let the guy put the box on top of the tv and after he left I ripped it all out and re-jigged it, oh he did forget the batteries for the remote which was a bit annoying, bloody AAA as well but I found some in the end which was a relief.

One thinig that did baffle me was that he had to install a splitter (All 2 metres of it so i’ve got cable everywhere) to go from the wall box to the modem and V+ box. Now consdiering the V+ box has an ethernet port on it surely there must be a way to integrate a modem into it as well so you could have an all in one solution?.

Firstly yes the planner is slow and after selecting a channel it does take a few seconds before it changes. I’ve found the V+ features to be easy to use and I like the fact that I can record 2 channels and watch a third (sky is record 1 watch 1). Pause live tv is good as is the one button 7 second replay. I had a tinker with the on demand stuff this morning and there’s plenty for everyone including whole series of different shows.

One of the first settings I changed was making it that if you want to purchase a film you have to enter a pin number first which will hopefully prevent ‘accidental viewing’ I’ve heard a few stories about people watching stuff they didn’t realise they had to pay extra for.

The box has plenty of connectors which ‘should’ satisfy most peoples needs. I also like the fact that it’s HD ready and comes with a HDMI cable.

Things are looking good so far….

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