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Control TV Volume Via V+ Remote

As standard the V+ box has it’s own volume control and it can be a bit harsh as there’s a big jump between each step. So the following will explain how to set it up to only use your tv volume. I will use the code 0678 which is for my TV as an example….

HINT: (Turn the volume down on your tv to 0 then set the volume on your V+ box to max. If you don’t and your V+ is set low you’ll need to really crank up your tv volume to hear anything)


In the Home menu press…

9 Help & info

7Help with your remote

Find the TV make you are looking for

Press and hold Vol + and the Mute button for 3 or 4 seconds until the red light in top right of remote flashes

Enter the four digit code ie 0678 you have to do it within 10 seconds

The light will flash and the volume up and down should then work, if not try the next code.

If you hit a major problem enter the code 0683 to reset your remote to factory default.

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