Oh the irony

I've been secretly wanting a new PC monitor for a while and a couple of weeks ago our old crt tv in the bedroom started playing up. I thought I might be able to blag/sell to the misses the idea of getting a tv with a dvi input meaning id get my new monitor and killing 2 birds with one stone and saving money, sneaky it may be but practical none the less.

Ironically last Friday my monitor started playing up and went 'dim' for a couple of minutes before returning to 'normal' again, over the weekend the screen would randomly go black but the light would stay green and not turn amber indicating loss of signal, I had to turn off then on again to get it working again. Alas now it only stays on for 2 seconds I tried it on the laptop just to be sure and the same thing happens so its basically trashed.

The tv seems to have righted itself so its now my quest to find a replacement monitor and I'm thinking a max of 22".

Glad I didn't tell the wife about me wanting a new monitor as it breaking down a few days ago would have looked a bit sus ha.

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