Open Pandora

Just stumbled across a new handheld device running linux descibed by the
creator as ‘A mixture between a PC and a gaming console. That’s why it has
gaming controls (Buttons, DPad and analogue nubs).’

Slightly bigger than a Nintendo DS it’s fast enough to emulate many other
systems, run a full desktop, access the internet via FireFox and play
games such as Quake3. Boasting an 800*480 screen and a claimed battery
life of 10 hours plus.

All sound good? you bet ya, the downside? there’s got to be one hasn’t
there and with this it seems to be the price costing a whopping 440 euros
for it’s entry level 430-MHz system. To me that seems steep by anyones
standards especially when I netbook or laptop can be picked up for around
the same price.

Read all about it here

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