Time to switch

Since the creation of theoutpost (TOP) in 2005 it's been run on serendipity (S9Y) blogging software. For some time I have had problems with the WYSIWYG editor and not being able to format posts correctly. After a lot of pondering i've decided to make the switch to wordpress due to it's increased functionality and plugin availability. One thing I do like about TOP currently is the theme style and layout, I enjoy the simplicity of it and the fact I was able to easily edit it to meet my needs especially on the gallery side of things. For what seems like an age searching 100's if not 1000's of wordpress themes I think i've finally found one I like that keeps in line with the current clean minimal layout. 

Tonight I will do a backup of TOP and then run the importer script to get everything over to wordpress when I get a chance. I can already foresee it's not going to be that straight forward but fingers crossed. 
See you on the other side………….

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