Well today i went into Watford to get a DVD for my mum for mothers day. Started off by getting there too early and the place was empty (forgot shops don’t open till 11) so had McD’s breakfast. Now I tried Virgin/HMV/WHsmith and they had all sold out. I then popped into Maplins to pick up a new multimeter so I could run some more checks on my battery and for a fiver was a bargain. Then off to look for DVD at Tesco Watford (sold out) Tesco Pinner (sold out) so I thought sod it and came home and ordered it from Amazon.

Done some tests on battery and the new multimeter showed there was a drain and i’ve narrowed it down to the ignition relay. Funny how the other mulitmeter didn’t show it even more so cause it’s a work one ha, but alas a cheapie £5 one did rolls eyes

Also the V measurement between the two varried slightly which was odd

With relay 0.22 A drain

Without relay 0.06 A drain which is about right

Battery V when left

12.48V Fluke

12.58V Maplin

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We seeing as i’ve been having problems with the battery on my fezza I decided to go and get a decent one.

I picked up a Varta Calcium Silver Top one that’s normally used in escort diesels. I got this because of the stronger starting power it provides. I’ve stuck it on and done a drop test and meter show no drain so fingers crossed. I’ll check it on wed and see if it starts ok.

Current reading 12.54V

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Well today I had my WSA (work station assement) by an outside comany and she told me I need a new chair a bigger mouse and a telephone headset. My line manager’s gonna be happy when he sees that as the chair alone cost £600 ha.

Oh and the new 21″ monitor that’s on order 🙂

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Well i thought i’d give coppermine a try as my new photo gallery. It requires ImageMagick so i had to download a whopping 46 meg file and install it. Next up was setting up a SQL database which is straight forward but i think this is a bit excessive for just a gallery. Installation was simple and done via a script. Once all done I must’ve used it for all of 5 minutes, I found the interface to be too fussy and too much chopping and changing was required. So after all that I reverted back to Gallery to where I feel at home and moved all the pics over from Dribble.

Conclusion: Stick with what you know

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