Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Radio Show Audio MP3

As a long time avid fan of HHGTTG I stumbled across a website which had the audio files for the original radio show. In the interests of archiving I have downloaded them to TOP for hosting.I will be adding the links shortly.



  1. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!! What a find! You are good, vgood.
    Hitchhikers is a gem, what a shame Douglas died so young.
    I will join your site, please email me anytime,
    RU in eu?or usa
    Cheers K

  2. Plague times call for old memories-thanks for the collection-my old copies on cassettes are dispersed-best wishes

  3. Heard it first while a grad student eons ago. Took pains to record it (on a cheap plastic stereo system) off US public radio (when I wasn’t wretching at the verbal gymnastics of the literary “theorists” I was failing to mimic).

    IMHO, something vitally original was lost through all the tweaking Adams did in the years since the first BBC production. If that sounds heretical, so be it. I’m old. Let the Vogons come.

    Let me add my thanks to the pile. Keep up the disinterested work. (~,,,*)


  4. Thanks for the downloads, very gratefully received. When I was at university in the UK, a friend invited me to his flat to listen to this “weird show on BBC Radio 4” at 11.30 at night in 1979. We figured the BBC didn’t know what to do with it, hence the late transmission time. Who knew then what an icon of sci-fi humour it would become. So long and thanks for all the downloads.

  5. I’m kind of in shock that I found these. ???? My buddies and I listened to them straight through in one long sitting one night back in ’79,’80?. On a little portable cassette player. Although I’ve read a lot about the ins and outs of the history of the various productions and I get it, I’m with H2 on this one. The original was mind-blowingly brilliant. Haven’t been able to get the hang of Thursdays since.

  6. I was a mere lad when these were on the radio. As a lifelong DNA fanatic thank you so much.

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