Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Radio Show Audio MP3

As a long time avid fan of HHGTTG I stumbled across a website which had the audio files for the original radio show. In the interests of archiving I have downloaded them to TOP for hosting.I will be adding the links shortly.



    1. Thank you so much for hosting this!!I’ve been thinking about this program for a long time. I first heard it on my local pbs station ♥️

  1. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!! What a find! You are good, vgood.
    Hitchhikers is a gem, what a shame Douglas died so young.
    I will join your site, please email me anytime,
    RU in eu?or usa
    Cheers K

  2. Plague times call for old memories-thanks for the collection-my old copies on cassettes are dispersed-best wishes

  3. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m making a big tediously detailed painting and it kept me going. Is there a second series on MP3?

    Michelle in Glasgow

    1. Hi Michelle glad they are helping you, what are you painting? The one on here is the original radio series but I think there were other audio ones as well. I will have a look.

    2. As far as I know there are twelve original BBC series, probably findable on Amazon. My list is this:

  4. Many thanks for sharing these. I recall listening to these as a kid (big brothers are useful tipsters!) I will relisten and enjoy again with thanks to you.


  5. Wow, I remember listening to these as a kid (and reading the books too many times to count!) Thank you so much for posting these!

  6. I turn 42 this weekend. I plan to listen to this as part of my birthday celebration. Thanks for posting these for so long. 🙂

  7. You have performed a great service to humanity in these dark days. Hopefully we will get through these times just as Arthur Dent does.

  8. THANKS SOOO MUCH! I also had cassettes recorded from other cassettes recorded from NPR. Long since misplaced my copies and have been looking to hear these again. FWIW it sounds to me like your copies are running a little sped-up. To me they sound more like I remember slowed down about 6 or 7%. I don’t have any objective reference though. I made copies for myself slowed down 6% if you’d like to compare. Also have a version with some dynamic compression that I think helps a bit. I’d be happy to pass them back to you if you like. Meanwhile I’ll share and enjoy them over a cup of something that is almost, but not entirely, unlike tea.

    1. Hi Peter glad your liking them. Interesting about it being sped up as not had anyone else mention it but yes if I could have a copy of your edited versions that would be great to compare.

  9. Great links! This is a favourite series of mine that I used to listen to as a fanatic when I was younger. The radio series was the best version, British TV not quite so good and the Hollywood film was awful! It shows that throwing more money at a story doesn’t always make it better.
    Many thanks.
    John (UK).

  10. I had these on cassette for so many years, but now have nothing to play the old tapes on! One day, it occurs to me to google the show, and here you are! Thank you so much for restoring beloved old memories to me! <3

    1. People keep saying that they don’t have anywhere to play their old cassettes. You can still find cassette players (and recorders); you just have to search for them. I am lucky in that I have an old, but in excellent shape, Yamaha recorder, since it was my secondary machine (bedroom) while my primary one (living room) died.

  11. Very happy to have found this! I stumbled onto the middle of episode 1 as a student back in the 1970s as I was fiddling with my radio. I was just telling a neighbor about the show this morning. He’s my age, but amazingly had never heard of it. I’ll now send him the link!

    1. Hi Barry glad you managed to find them and than you for your kind comment it’s much appreciated, hope you and your neighbour enjoy them.

  12. Wow, thank yo so much my friend! My brother, Dad and I listened to our cassette tape recording of this series obsessively on every road trip we took. I have been looking for a cope of this for so many years! I’d like to download the series and give them each a copy so we can all listen to it together / apart over Christmas. Any tips for how I copy for them? Thank you so much for sharing this treasure 🙂

  13. I lost the “originals” ages ago. Lockdown inspires a relisten and amazon wanted £109. Like for others right now, cash is hard to come by. Cheers

  14. Thanks, I am looking forward to listening to the original Radio programmes for the first time. I loved the books. One of my happiest memories is laughing out loud about the Ravening Bugblatter Beast of Trall in a group of friends and us all having an explosion of laughter together!

  15. Thanks so much. I remember turning on my tranny (that’s what we used to call transistor radios in the old days in England – to distinguish them from the old-fashioned radios) on day in my youth and hearing the very first broadcast of this on the BBC – so now I am able to relive the experience. Many, many thanks!

  16. The world applauds you for this. Does anyone know how to find the original MAC version of H2G2 as a text game? I literally fell to the floor laughing. And he also made a Windows 95 game called something like ultimate Starship.
    And I know there are addition radio-like episodes produced years later. I have them somewhere I think.

  17. Unfortunately, these are not from the original 1978 broadcast on BBC Radio 4. These are from the 1981 rebroadcast on NPR which were edited to fit within the allotted time and thus are missing a couple of minutes from each fit. Bummer. I guess I’ll keep looking for the original broadcasts.

  18. Thank you for providing these. However they do not sound like the original play. Sped up I think. But about the only source left.

    It is hard to tell. There are so many remixes and fan remakes etc.

    One wonders just how much money the BBC made by killing off all the available recordings of this. Bugger all I would say. And in the process killed one of the best things they have every produced.

  19. Like everyone above, my cassettes are long gone. Many many thanks for posting. A great listen to accompany my second jab day of downtime.

  20. Wikipedia lists 6 series:
    Series Episodes Originally aired
    First aired Last aired
    1 6 8 March 1978 12 April 1978
    2 6 24 December 1978 25 January 1980
    3 6 21 September 2004 26 October 2004
    4 4 3 May 2005 24 May 2005
    5 4 31 May 2005 21 June 2005
    6 6 8 March 2018 12 April 2018

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