Cross flashing the TP-Link TD-W8980 to TD-W9980 firmware to enable VDSL

This is actually a post I found in my drafts form yeas ago that I forgot to publish but thought it might be handy.

Cross flsahing the TP-Link TD-W8980 to TD-W9980

After recently moving to sky fibre I was disappointed in their supplied hub primarily due to only 100 meg ports and only 2.4GHZ wifi so I quickly started to research alternatives.

I was already uding a TP-Link TD-W8980 but was disapointed to find it only supported ADSL and not VDSL required for sky. After some research I came across the model up the TD-W9980 but it looked significantly similar to my current router. After some more digging I found that they actually share the same hardware
Lantiq based soc (64MB RAM, 8MB Flash)
Lantiq based xdsl
Atheros wireless (2.4GHz 2×2)
Lantiq wireless (5.8GHz 2×2)

So that got me thinking that it’s suerly just a firmware difference that makes it VDSL. So out came the soldering iron and installed a serial header (process same as wdr3600). I also found a beta firmware which supports mer (note no current official versions support mer)

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Ebay missing print option

I used to use the ebay print option when wanting to keep a hard copy of an item description/specs etc of certain things I bought as the listing disappears/archives after a couple of months. A while ago ebay removed the print option from it’s listings but I have found a hidden link which you can use to still do it. Where XXXXXXXXXXX is your item number.

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