Bye Bye Sky….

Yup i’ve decided to get rid of my sky tv. Why? you ask, well it’s mostly due to the fact that due to working shift work I don’t actually watch much TV hence the £45 odd per month is wasted, also evertime someone walks past my house and sneezes I loose my signal. I was going to upgrade to Sky+ but again that was £150 for the box and £30 install.

I phoned Virgin and plyed them with my negotiation tactics and managed to get their V+ box for £75 instead of £150 and their XL TV Package and 2meg BB for £24 per month. Yes i’ve heard all the bad stuff about Virgin TV what with the planner crashing and being slow etc but when I used to pay out £25 for my Demon broadband (which I only got 1meg from) and £45 for sky I think it makes economical sense to move.

I’m currently waiting for the men from Virgin to turn up and install it. At the end of the day I have a 30 day money back guarantee on it and my sky contract doesn’t end till the end of the month so if it’s that bad i’ll stick with sky.

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