World Of Warcraft = Bloody Nightmare

Had a couple of days off work so yesterday I thought i’d make use of a 14 Day Trial for World Of Warcraft i’ve had sitting in a draw for months.

Boshed in the the dvd and it said i’d need 5 gig free HD space so I jigged some bits around and managed to scrape it together. Install from disk took aaaaages over an hour in fact. After was done had to reboot PC. I then setup an account on WOW. After logging in it said I needed to download an update patch all bloody 456 meg of it!. After doing that it said I needed another 1.7 gig free space so again I had to delete unwanted stuff. Thats it I thought now I can play but NO after doing that it said I needed to download another one at 697 meg!. After that was done it said I needed another 4 gig free. Well at this point I nearly lost it so knowing I couldn’t free up that much space I uninstalled the whole lot.

Today I re-installed it on a spare drive, I’ve downloaded both patches sat at my desk with lunch and a hot cup of tea expecting to kill something only to find I need to download ANOTHER FOOKIN PATCH this time at 529 meg. They’ve got to be having a giraffe, it’s times like these when I think I shouldn’t venture into the new era of gaming and instead stick with solitaire. RAH!

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