Embeding Monowall Traffic Graphs Into A Webpage

I had a situation where I needed to embed a monowall interface stats into a webpage so thought i’d do a quick how to.

Create a user group
Login as an admin and navigate to System > User manager > Groups

Click the + to add a new group Choose a group name and description ie ‘stats’ Scroll down and select the field marked Status: Traffic graph status_graph.php

Click ‘Save’ Click the ‘Users’ tab Click the + to add a new user

Add new user details and under the ‘Group Name’ select the group you just created ie ‘stats’

Click ‘Save’ Navigate to Status > Traffic graph Choose the interface you want to monitor.

Right click on the graph and select ‘View Source’ Search the page ‘Ctrl+F’ for the word ’embed’

Put the embed tag into a webpage with the user details and ip address of your monowall device along with your usernam and password ie

src=”stats@YOUR-IP/graph.php?ifnum=re0&ifname=WAN”” >http://stats:stats@YOUR-IP/graph.php?ifnum=re0&ifname=WAN” etc etc

If you enter stats:stats@YOUR-IP/graph.php?ifnum=re0&ifname=WAN directly into a browser a full page will open showing your graph.

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