Slug Reborn

Well as you probably know I dumped my slug (nslu2) project after it died. Well yesterday I took it back up again but it was playing up no end, it would randomly not power on for more than 5 seconds, or wouldn’t power on if the ethernet was plugged in etc, as a test I managed to install Debian on a USB stick on it. I tried to read the old usb HDD it had but there was lots of data missing, I tried to format it in XP but it failed after only 4% so definitely FUBAR.I tried a brand new HDD on the slug and that wouldn’t work either but did in XP. After much head scratching I found out the PSU was faulty. I thought it was the HDD. This left me with the old chicken and egg equivalent where by I don’t know if the power killed the disk or vice versa, I prefer the case of my Freecom HDD but again I don’t know if that was what killed everything so I just stuck with the one that the new disk came in.

I’m install Debian at this very moment so will hopefully be ready to play with in a couple of hours or so.

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