Airport body scanners

Apparently Britains human rights watchdog has written to the Home Secretary
over concers airport body scanners breach human rights as the images are too

Now I for one don’t glee at the fact a complete stranger is looking at my
bits on a computer monitor
(Hell there’s enough videos on the net of that already) /joke BUT if it
means I spend a greater chance of reaching my foreign destination safely
then so be it. So what happens if they are not installed because of this
concern and there is another attack which could possibly have been prevented
by the scanners? What about the casualties human rights? No doubt there is
another ‘watchdog’ who looks after them!. These are unpredictable times
we’re living in and how would these campaigners feel if a friend or relative
died because they played a part in removing body scanners?

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You know lifes dull when….

You got to a car lot and the most important questions you ask are

How big is the boot?
What tax band is it in?
Does it have iso fix?
I would prefer a diesel!

Long gone are the days of worring how quickly it will take me 0-60 and back
again ha.

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test email 3

test post 3 1342
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Snow Driving

Had doc appointment today and most of their car park was like an ice rink,
saw one guy in a merc sliding all over the place while reversing. Me? I just
found the space with the most snow on it and parked there while people
looked on bemused.

BUT snow on ice = grip

And I got out no problem


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Free Xmas Present?

Well sort of. I saw that the go go hamsters were this years must havexmas
present but I also saw they were going for 20 od quid on flea bay. After
some careful research I found a shop that had limited stock and managed to
get 3 at £10 a pop inc P&P. I’ve managed to sell 2 for £15 each so
effectively the other one was free. Hmmm maybe I should shop like this every
Free Xmas Present?

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message test

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