Individual Choice

Has the UK population or indeed that of the world lost the ability to make individual choices when buying tech?

It seems too many people are followers and are missing out because they only buy what everybody else has.

The thought spurred by a colleague remarking that he’s going to buy a sat nav system. On asking which one (like I didn’t already know the answer) he of course said TomTom. When asks why that make in particular he merley commented that it was what everyone has so must be good.

NOW, I have a sat nav and no its not a TomTom I researched lots of differnt makes and models accessing reviews functionality etc before I made my choice but it seems the population are far too lazy to contemlate such a notion and simply want quick-fix-tech.

Indeed ask someone what MP3 player you should get and they 99% of the time answer IPOD the other 1% is me who would simply advise to get the one that suits your needs best.

People ask me what GPU they should get I don’t immediately say ahh well you need 2 2GB dedicated memory Nvidia cards in crossfire that will suck more power than the combined usage of kettles during the ad break of the x-factor final. No I simply ask "what do you use your computer for?" Where it transpires the only game they every play is solitaire.

People are stuck in the PC World mentality of `You must have the newest most expensive piece of equipment because obviously that means its best for you`if you were to walk into a store tomorrow and enquire about laptops you can bet your all ready stretched budget that they will show you one towards the top end of their price range.

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Michael Jackson Dead?

During my dailt read of the metro I found out that MJ died of a heart attack last night. Now although with everything that went on a few years back I still feel a little sadned. I can still remember the copy of bad my cousin had and imaptience to listen to it every time I went round. I even considered going to his UK concert as I was offered a a pair of tickets. What happens now as some people spent vast amounts of money on them. Who gets the refund? The original purchaser? Also the sceptic in me wonders due to all his money problems etc if he's actually really dead? And was he planning this all along and there was never going to be any concerts but simply a rouse to get some money.

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