Last Night

The show was at VUE Leicester Square and Capital put on quite a good do, the FREE bar was much appriciated as were the tit bits being handed out as i’d hadn’t had any dinner. Johnny mingled for all of 5 minutes before we were ushered into the cinema to see Shawshank Redemtion. Johnny gave a little intro then left. We were supplied with FREE popcorn and water to keep us quiet.

After the film it was back to the bar for a couple of drinks then onto the next film which was TOP GUN. Welshie did a little intro and then passed over to Neil. This part I did enjoy as I took the time to heckle with him and tell him how rubbish the film was as he said he’d never seen it before. The funniest part was that he sat in the front row, waited for the lights to dim then fooked off out of a fire exit ha. He had clearly been handed a script and had no intention of watching the film.

All in all a good evening and got to bed about 1


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