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Gigabit LAN is it the way forward? This article is undergoing ongoing editing….

After loosing over 200GB of important data due to a HDD crash i’ve suddenly become overly paranoid in relation to my backups. Thankfully I had some of my photos etc on DVDR’s but that said I did loose a lot of information which i’ll never get back.

Firstly i’ve decided to install a Gigabit Backup Network at home which i’ll now refer to as GBN. First off I have to choose some hardware. Now for ease of integration into my existing network i’ve decided to go for another Linksys switch. Although advertised as a Gigabit switch it must be noted that it DOESN’T support jumbo frames and thus you will not get true gigabit transfer rates.

Linksys GNIC installed into desktop PC 16/02/08

Switch arrived 16/02/08 but was out when postman called so can’t get until monday now RAH!

In order to gain an insight into the peformance gains I will be carrying out the following benchmarking tests.

1GB FTP file transfer PC2PC via X-Over cable

1GB FTP file transfer PC2PC via Linksys 100mb Swith

1GB FTP file transfer PC2PC via Linksys 1000mb Switch

Yes i’m aware that there are more accurate benchmarking tools out there but as FTP will be my primary transfer application I feel this is the best way to see how much gain has been achieved. Each test will be carried out 3 times and the middle result will be used.

Linksys Gigabit Network Adapter Model EG1032-EU

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