Compress mini spy camera videos with vitualdub

Thought i’d post a quick reference guide to compressing video from the MD80 and 808 spy cameras using virtualdub.

1, Download virtualdub and extract to a folder

2, Download xvid codec and install

Run VirtualDub 1.9.9 (or later)

Open an AVI file.
Menu/Video – Select Full Processing mode.
choose XviD MPEG-4 Codec.
Press the configure button.
Profile @ level  home.
Target Quantizer 4.0.  (press Target Quantizer button to see Target Bitrate).
Target Bitrate kbps 1800 (very good quality).  Makes video about 75% smaller.
Menu/Audio – Select Direct Stream Copy.  Audio remains unchanged at 353 kbps PCM.
Press F7 and choose an output filename.  Press Save and encoding begins and ends. 

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