PS2 Eyetoy

While i’m in the webcam tinkering mood I thought i’d post up a how to on getting a PS2 eyetoy webcam to work on a pc.

1, Connect your Eye Toy to your USB port. Windows will show a popup
showing either ‘Found New Harware: Eye Toy Namtai’ or ‘Eye Toy Logitech’.

2, Unplug the camera

3, Now download the drivers of D-Link DSB-C310 v1.10, which is a camera
that uses the same chipset (OmniVision OV519 series). The drivers can
be found here

4, Unzip the files into a temporary folder

5, Right click on the OV519.inf file and select ‘properties’ and make sure the read only box ISN’T ticked

6, Open the file OV519.inf using Notepad

7, Hit CTRL+H simultaneously & search for any ocurrences of VID_05A9&PID_8519 and replace it by

VID_054C&PID_0154 if your camera identifies itself as Eye Toy Logitech


VID_054C&PID_0155 if your camera identifies itself as Eye Toy Namtai

Replace all instances

9, Then search for DeviceDesc="D-LINK VGA WEBCAM" and replace the contents between the quotes with "Eye Toy". This is only in one place.

10, Save the file using the original name

11, Connect you Eye Toy to a USB port. Windows will ask you for the driver. Don’t let it connect to Windows Update as it won’t find it there, but point it to the folder you chose in step 4.


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