Well decided enough was enough and to give myself a kick up the arse and re-do theoutpost. I’ve installed latest version of Serendipity and Gallery2 so all need to do now is migrate pics from Gallery1 and get blog and gallery working happily together.

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What is your true element?

Your element is Fire: Strong, hot tempered,
powerful, and passionate. Well now lets see,
being fire you are quite strong and powerful,
people look up to you greatly and often seek
your protection. You have the ability to gain
many friends and you are always one people can
count on to do what you say you will do. You
are extremely loyal be it friends or family
you’ll stick up for them and you are never
willing to put them in a position that could
hurt them. You know what roll you play in life,
leader, and you intend to let people know it.
Not everyone is capable of leadership but you
certainly have the willpower and flare to do
it. You have quite a temper if it shows itself,
one that can often lead you into trouble. Once
your mind is made up there is no changing it
but no one said that was a bad thing.

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Leah’s Leaving Do

The Crosse Keys pub in ‘Bank’ was the venue. As always Jon and I got there early only to find Leah there waiting. A couple of pints in and people started arriving, it was good to see everyone make the effort to turn up to see her off. I said my fairwells at about 10 and made my way home.

Thanks for everything Leah you will be missed and THE VERY BEST OF LUCK for the future

Pics can be found here curtosy of Franco

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Woo Hoo

Went and chaeck battery today and got..

Fluke 12.41

Maplin 12.46

And would you adam and eve it it started up straight away 🙂

I think it’s the boot release that doing it as i swapped the guilty relay with a 4 pin one and there was no drain at all.

Some re-wiring coming up ha

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Got called out to AH last night for a pointless test. Home about half 1, AND GUESS WHAT? just been called out again 🙁


Arrive 13:00

Leave 13:30

Home 15:15

16:15 Just been called out again for the same piece of equipment which died about two minutes after I left. NOT FUCKIN IMPRESSED!!!!

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Went and checked battery again today and got these readings…

12.45V Fluke

12.49V Maplin

ones from Sunday

12.48V Fluke

12.58V Maplin

I see it’s dropped a bit which is right, I didn’t try and start it i’ll leave that till Sun and see if it can last a week (hopefull I know)

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