Got Car

Or van to be precise off ebay. It’s not bad for what I paid for it a bit tatty but hey i’m looking forward to the 50 mpg from the power that is diesel ha.

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PS2 Scarface The World Is Yours

Got this today and been playing it for like 6 hours. Is a good game and addictive although can’t help feeling i’ve seen it all before. If you’ve played GTA, Godfather, Hitman then the gameplay is very similar to them just different senario. When will Sony release something new and invigorating?

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The Wonders Of Public Transport

Didn’t have the car at the weekend so had to use public transport to get to work. My god what a nightmare! saturday went as well as could be expected until I was waiting for the train home. Train starts to pull into the platform stops halfway the driver gets out and runs off and forgets to open the doors meaning the passengers can’t get out. Don’t really know why he did this maybe he just needed the toilet? still, had to wait fo LUL staff to come and let the passengers off. Can you imagine if there was a fire? wouldn’t want him as my driver I can tell you with his ‘sod everyone else i’m off’ attitude.

Sundays journey was horrible. Do a journey planner jobie so I got up/left in time. Walking down the road and the bloody bus went pass cause it was early. Brought a paper and stood in the freezing raining weather for 20 minutes for the next one. Got on sat down and the driver says “Is the shop open?” “Yes” I replied. He left the bus closing his cab door behind him and went to the shop. On his return found found that in his haste he’d locked the keys for the cab inside the bloody thing!!!! Lots if umming and arring and trying to pick the lock with his front door key. Then he looks at me and says “I’m locked out”, now by this time I was beginning to lose it so went to see if I could do anything, well to cut a long story short I managed to reach the latch on the other side of the door and let guy back in.

I rarely use public transport and when I do it turns into a massive mission, people can bleet on all they like saying we should use it more but I say SOD EM i’ll take the car any day.

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Fooking Ebay

Found a run around car on ebay last night so called the seller up and made him an offer which he accepted. I told him i’d paypal a deposit to him and he said “as soon as I have that it’s yours” and I offered to pick up on Sunday. Was up to half 11 last night looking up insurance etc and was really quite chuffed. Got a missed call from the guy this morning so rang him back thinking ‘oh he just wants to arrange suitable time for collection’ INSTEAD he told me his wife had sold it!!!! annoyed is an understatement everyone moans about timewaster buyers on ebay and there’s me did everything I possibly could and he sold it.

Bloody pissed off!!!!

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Gas N Lost


On wed engineers removed our gas meter for inspection of water damage. They gave us a poxy little electric fan heater which in all honesty wouldn’t heat up a cardboard box never mind a house but it was something I guess. On thur they reinstalled meter and tested and thankfully it and the boiler was ok so got heating back WOO HOO!. Also gonna get compensation at £30 per 24 hour period so that’s a bonus. Oh and they let us keep the heater ha.


Been watching series 3 and it’s very good only downside is that have to wait until Wednesday February 7 for Ep307 to give Sky One time to catch up RAHHHH!

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