POTC At Worlds End

Went and saw this yesterday and MY GOD what a terrible film. Never mind it being nearly 3 hours long but it also had a weak storyline and lost the comedy aspect of the first two, I think I chuckled twice and that was it. Half way through the film froze and I was hoping that it had broken so I could go home but no it was for an INTERVAL!, I can’t remember the last time this happened, they were even selling ice cream.

Now usually for good films on at the cinema but not worthy of the trip i’d say wait for the DVD however for this one I couldn’t even go that far. Just don’t see it at all!

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Cor Blimey

Haven’t I been slack with the updates? been so busy haven’t really had time.

One thing to note is that I passed my work driving assesment so i’m now allowed to drive company vehicles 🙂

More to follow soon I promise!

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A guy at work lent this to me due to the fact that I enjoyed the film Serenity.


Basically it tells the Serenity story buy in series form.


I’m hooked! the DVD boxset contains all 14 episodes and although I haven’t seen all of them yet each one leaves me wanting for more. The best ones i’ve watched so far are “Our Mrs. Reynolds,” “Jaynestown,” and “Out of Gas,”.

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Raj’s Attestation

Went to see Raj get attested last night. Everyone looked smart in their uniforms. The ceremony was good and the recruits seemed very proud of what they’d achieved, Joe managed to be late and turn up half way through ha!.

It was then off to the pub for a few jars before making the hour long journey home.

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Hannibal Rising Movie

Went and saw this today.

The story is about how he came to be was good, starting with his youth during WW2 in 1944. And 8 years later, the main plot line unfolds showing him becoming a medical school student in France where he begins to learn of the many body parts that make a human work.

In all honesty I wasn’t overly impressed with this film. For me it seemed slow and at nearly 2 hours long it left me longing for the end credits. That said it does paint the picture of why Hannibal is the way he is, the locations/sets are well thought out and do add to the eariness of it all.

Wait for the DVD

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Birthday Do

Finished work then it was off to the pub for a couple of jars. Scott and Raj turned up as well which was nice, we’re off to Raj’s parade next month to heckle him 🙂 After drinks and giving a couple who were only a shandy away from having sex on the table one last look we headed off to the local curry house. Great meal was had and thanks to Graham none of us had to pay anything, cheers mate.

One thing a lot of people learnt that night was….

King Cobra Beer

Is bad, and at ABV. 8% i’m not surprised!

They also got me a new torch that I wanted and some vouchers

What a great bunch of people I work with….

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Why O Why?

Why do people on crowded trains insist on standing and reading their times newspaper that takes up half a carriage alone. Surely they must see everyones fighting for their inch of terroitry!

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