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Just looking back through my blog and I cam across the entry BioFuel where i’d ragged at the fact I had to pay 106.9p for a litre of diesel. Now when the shell drivers were on strike recently my local Texaco were charging 135.9p a litre so in heinsight I wish fuel was 106.9p today ha!.

Due to fuel prices and the longer travelling times to work recently I’ve been thinking more and more about getting a motorbike. Now I did my CBT when I was 16 but expired after 2 years. I have a few options….

1, Just ride a 50cc on my car licence
2, Do a CBT and ride 125cc with L plates no passengers/motorways etc
3, Do a A2 standard licence which would mean now restrictions apart form i’d be restricted to machines of max 33bhp however after 2 years the licence would be upgraded to an unrestricted one without further test.
4, Go the whole hog and go straight for the A Licence

Option 1 is straight out of the window although they economical etc I found 50’s to be dangerously slow (if that makes sence) plus it wouldn’t do a lot for my already deminished ‘image’.

Option 2 is a valid one as it only costs £135, it’s a one day affair and I wouldn’t have to do a theory test (which I would be worried about).

Option 3 I’m thinking this is the best option for me as i’d be happy to ride a smaller bike for a couple of years however the cost plays a big factor with a 5 ½ day course costing £699 and 4 ½ day course costing £599. They both include doing CBT however i’m unsure which one would be best for me, i’d probably say the 5 day one as I haven’t ridden a motorbike in 14 years (oh my god I wish I hadn’t just worked that figure out it’s made me feel old).

Option 4 5 ½ day course costs £799 so I will dismiss that one

So it’s option 2 or 3 both have specific advantages and disadvantages so will have to ponder some more, the idea is to save money on vehicles and although fuel/tax etc is cheaper on a bike could it ever really replace one of our cars? Also I understand the motorbike test will shortly be getting harder so i’d better get moving, i’ll keep you updated.

PS I can hear Mike Fiore reading this shouting at his screen “DO OPTION 3!!!!”

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