The Complete Black Necta Entry

After noticing I have many entries re black necta i’ve decided to put it all into one post to make things easier for visitors.

Final Hardware

Antec 300 Case
Corsair HX520W PSU
Abit IP35 PRO Motherboard

4GB OCZ Memory
Intel Core2Duo E6600 CPU
Arctic Cooler 7 Pro Heatsink & Fan
XFX 8800GTS Extreme Overclocked Version GPU
2x 80 Gig SATA II Samsung Spinpoint HDD

2x Sharkoon 120mm Silent Eagle Blue LED Case Fans


XP Professional (I’m still not convinced with vista)

Hardware In Pictures

Case Modding

Started off by completely removing everything I could including wiring and fans.

Masked off edges

Masked Off top section

Masked off bottom section

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