Fishy Virgin

I phoned virgin media a few days ago to enquire about their £10 BB offer. Oviously I did my own research before hand but thought i’d put the sales guy to the test.

Me “Do you know what the conention ratio is?”
Virgin “Yes I do actually”
Me “Well what is it?”
Virgin “Please hold”
(Horrible music plays)
Virgin “There is no contention ratio you get all the bandwidth”
Me “Really, do you throttle your bandwidth at peak times?”
Virgin “No never”

Well fook me looks like virgin media are doing leased lines for £10 per month why hasn’t everyone got one? Either these chimps are not trained or they are told to lie through their teeth.

Last night I had a call from an area rep so I thought i’d test him.

Me “What’s the contention ratio?”
Virgin “What’s your current suppliers?”
Me “Errr 25:1”
Virgin “Similar to that”
Me “Similar?”
Virgin “Yes similar”
Me “Yours is actually 50:1 isn’t it!”
(Long silence)
Virgin “Who told you that?”
Me “Well that’s what it is isn’t it!”
Virgin “Yes similar”
Me “It’s not bloody similar it’s double what mine is now”

So i’ve spoken to two people and both have been very shifty about virgin’s service.

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