Silencing The Linksys EG008W

Every night the misses turns off my gigabit router as she says the fan
is too loud. Well I decided to make it it quieter a) to stop her
nagging and b) because I need it on 24 hours, this mod will hopefully
ensure peace for her & peace for me.

         Linksys EG008W Switch

mini-kaze 40mm fan. I actually brought this some time ago when I was
going to ‘silence’ another bit of kit which I later made redundant. I
think it cost about £6 which although not cheap it’s good quality and


are no screws to remove to open the case. There is a sitcker next to
one of the feet mentioning warranty which OBVIOUSLY your going to VOID.
The front Blue section comes off first and it is held in place by two
grooves on either side. Push in on the gray plastic just behind the
blue front plastic, and pull hard. The front hood will come off.


           Front panel separated                                    Extract the board from the casing


            Slide the board off the tabs                              Remove 2 pin fan connector


       Remove this screw from this side                Remove the other screws from underneath


the fan assembly. There are 2 retaining screws, on top is a nut and
underneath there is a flat head screw so you’ll need to hold the nut
while undoing the screw otherwise it will just spin. Then add your new


Replace holder using reversal of removal procedure, connect to header and test.

the board onto/into the case making sure not to snag the fan cable. The
front Blue section may need a little more force than you think while at
the same time holding the rear section on a solid surface.

Job done, (until the next nag)

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