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So i've been planing to make the move to SSD in my desktop for a while due to the fact I want to upgrade to Windows 7 from XP and that my current installation never shuts down properly and thus rebuilds the raid every time making it unusable for about an hour. On the hotukdeals website an offer was posted 'Sandisk Ultra Plus 128GB SSD @ Amazon £45.87' I had orginally been looking at the Samsung Evo 840 but the price is always stuck around £55. I asked the misses to order the sandisk one but before she did the price went back up to £54.99 *sigh*, then I remembered flubit, I put in a request thinking they'd discount on the £54.99 price but I was pleased to find they did it on the sale price so was 'offered' it at £40.27! well needless to say I couldn't buy it quick enough and have recieved confirmation that it's been dispatched today. Now the drive is sata III ie 6Gb/s and my motherboard only supports sata II 3Gb/s, I was looking to get a PCIe card so I could use ut to it's full capacity but I also wanted to upgrade to USB 3.0 but the trouble is I only have one spare PCIe x4 slot so I have decided to just upgrade to USB 3.0 for now as the SSD will still be faster than my current mechanical drive.

I checked my current drives with CrystalDiskInfo and both have power on hours of nearly 2 years solid, the second drive is also reported as 'Bad' so don't think this upgrade could come any sooner.

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