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Having spent most of the evening playing with an old Logitech Quickcam Express in Centos i’ve finally admited defeat. While I did get it working and displaying images/stream with the software having a CLI only the configuration is an absolute nightmare. Ive been trying to get an ‘all in one’ machine however it’s just not working. Despite having working wireless on Centos I feel like just ditching it for Windows 2000 and setup my NAS/Cam server etc on that.

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do superbad review

do resident evil extinciton review

Gigabit LAN is it the way forward? This article is undergoing ongoing editing….

After loosing over 200GB of important data due to a HDD crash i’ve suddenly become overly paranoid in relation to my backups. Thankfully I had some of my photos etc on DVDR’s but that said I did loose a lot of information which i’ll never get back.

Firstly i’ve decided to install a Gigabit Backup Network at home which i’ll now refer to as GBN. First off I have to choose some hardware. Now for ease of integration into my existing network i’ve decided to go for another Linksys switch. Although advertised as a Gigabit switch it must be noted that it DOESN’T support jumbo frames and thus you will not get true gigabit transfer rates.

Linksys GNIC installed into desktop PC 16/02/08

Switch arrived 16/02/08 but was out when postman called so can’t get until monday now RAH!

In order to gain an insight into the peformance gains I will be carrying out the following benchmarking tests.

1GB FTP file transfer PC2PC via X-Over cable

1GB FTP file transfer PC2PC via Linksys 100mb Swith

1GB FTP file transfer PC2PC via Linksys 1000mb Switch

Yes i’m aware that there are more accurate benchmarking tools out there but as FTP will be my primary transfer application I feel this is the best way to see how much gain has been achieved. Each test will be carried out 3 times and the middle result will be used.

Linksys Gigabit Network Adapter Model EG1032-EU

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While driving around today I felt the need to change the CD. I put one of choice in and guess what? it wouldn’t play as it was scratched. No problem I thought so tried another and that one would only play about 4 tracks. 3rd time lucky I thought but no it just kept skipping. I have loads of CD cases and even more CD’s but never manage to keep one in the other.

This made me think why in this day and age do we still use this medium for music in cars? With usb pen drives why not use it as a suitable alternative? ie

256mb for £4.69
512mb for £6.27
1024mb for £10.52
2048mb for £13.22
4096mb for £19.05

Now 4gb storage for 20 quid can’t be bad and i’m sure you could fit a fair few MP3’s on it.

I will look into a new car stereo with usb compatability.

Off to Tescos now to get some pots! (that’s potatoes by the way).

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Dead Disk

RAH!!!!!! moved my PC into another room and a 320gb disk I had in a caddy is now refusing to spin up. What a nightmare because all my important stuff is on it. The electronic board smells like it’s burnt out but I can’t swap it as I haven’t got a sodding pozi drive bit small enough to take it out.

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Broadband Hum

Had to raise a fault with Demon last week as my broadband went to snails pace….

Test1 comprises of Best Effort Test: -provides background information.
IP profile for your line is – 135 kbps
DSL connection rate: 448 kbps(UP-STREAM) 1824 kbps(DOWN-STREAM)
Actual IP throughput achieved during the test was – 67 kbps

As expected they told me it was a BT fault and raised a call with them.

Reply from Demon 19 July 2007 14:18:01

BT have adjusted the signal to noise ratio on your ADSL line and believe this
will stabilise the service. Please allow 24hrs for the process to complete. If
you are still experiencing intermittent synch after 24hrs, please contact us on
the usual number.

Modem shows


Output Power (dBm) up/down = 12 / 17
Attenuation (dB) up/down = 31 / 55
Noise Margin (dB) up/down = 19 / 10
Vendor Id (local/remote) = ALCB / TSTC


Output Power (dBm) up/down = 12.0 / 16.0
Attenuation (dB) up/down = 31.5 / 55.0
Noise Margin (dB) up/down = 19.0 / 12.0
Vendor Id (local/remote) = ALCB / TSTC

Just carried out a test @ using Sprint and got 572 Kb/s down and 184 Kb/s up which sucks especially for £25 p/m. I’m currently considering going for Virgin’s 2mb £10 p/m service as cables just arrived in my area. I’ve read good and bad reviews on their service but they’re offering 30 day money back guarantee so during this time I will keep my ADSL running and if turns out to be rubbish i’ll just cancel it.

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