Need More Power!

While things have gone well with running debian on my slug i’ve reached the point of it’s hardware capabilities. The issue has come to ahead today when i’ve been playing with webcams. The slug has 2xusb ports so I have the HDD in one and webcam on another however if I try to add another camera via a usb hub I hit the bandwidth limit of the slugs onboard usb port and thus will never be able to run more than one. This is quite a MAJOR snag for me especially as i’ve spent a lot of today comiling the drivers for my different cam’s and got all but one working. Once i’ve done various little projects I reckon I would have about 4 cams running so it seems I may have to look into the ‘Shuttle’ option to give me the extra ooomph I need.

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More Toys?

My nas is currently sitting very happily and doing the job I built it to do BUT there are a few more tasks/prgrams i’d like to run and although I could get the NAS to do these as well it would be pushing it’s hardware capabilites too far in terms of the limited processing power and memory SO i’ve already decided what box i’m going to get to do these extra tasks so keep your eyes peeled as i’ll be doing an article once I get one 😉

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PS2 Eyetoy

While i’m in the webcam tinkering mood I thought i’d post up a how to on getting a PS2 eyetoy webcam to work on a pc.

1, Connect your Eye Toy to your USB port. Windows will show a popup
showing either ‘Found New Harware: Eye Toy Namtai’ or ‘Eye Toy Logitech’.

2, Unplug the camera

3, Now download the drivers of D-Link DSB-C310 v1.10, which is a camera
that uses the same chipset (OmniVision OV519 series). The drivers can
be found here

4, Unzip the files into a temporary folder

5, Right click on the OV519.inf file and select ‘properties’ and make sure the read only box ISN’T ticked

6, Open the file OV519.inf using Notepad

7, Hit CTRL+H simultaneously & search for any ocurrences of VID_05A9&PID_8519 and replace it by

VID_054C&PID_0154 if your camera identifies itself as Eye Toy Logitech


VID_054C&PID_0155 if your camera identifies itself as Eye Toy Namtai

Replace all instances

9, Then search for DeviceDesc="D-LINK VGA WEBCAM" and replace the contents between the quotes with "Eye Toy". This is only in one place.

10, Save the file using the original name

11, Connect you Eye Toy to a USB port. Windows will ask you for the driver. Don’t let it connect to Windows Update as it won’t find it there, but point it to the folder you chose in step 4.


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Outdoor Webcam First Pictures


Managed to get it to work off 2 x 3m USB leads and the camera cable is another metre so about 7m in all. Here are the first pics I took with it, all in all ‘ok’ and ‘does the job’ obviously if you want better quality use a better webcam or buy a purpose built outdoor one, but where would be the fun in that????

Obvioulsy dogs like it as well, i’m just glad she’s a bitch other wise we’d soon find out how water resistant it is ha.

Pics of the camera itself

My neighbours must think i’m a right nutter taking pictures of a solar light.

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Outdoor Webcam

Do you ever get that ‘I want to build something but you know people are going to end up thinking, why?’ moment?

No? just me then ha. Well after browsing the web this morning and coming across wacky things to build on instructables it took me back to when I had the need for an external webcam. it was housed in a plastic container and looked rubbish but the main thing it needed to be was water resistant ‘damn english weather’ which I knew it wasn’t. While hunting round for a suitable alternative I came across a solar powered garden light which i’d brought from the poundshop half knowing it was going to be naff which indeed it was, BUT it must have a certain level of water resistance due to it’s theoretical intended use, SO how about sticking a webcam in the enclosure? Yes I know you thinking i’ve gone mad so i’m giving you the opportunity now to go and view someother site before clicking the ‘Read More’ link below, you have been warned….

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Virgin BB Speed Explained

For the love of god I swear the next person who asks me why they can’t download at 10 megabytes a second on Virgins 10Mb service is going to get a slap. There for i’m making this post so you can all read it a savour….

First of all they make the numbers look so big, 2Mb might not sound like a lot, but 10Mb, WOW!, and 20Mb but how they should really do it is, 50Mb=5MB, 10Mb=1MB, 2Mb=0.25MB

Notice the difference?


There is 8 bits in a byte
So 2Mb (2 million bits), is the equivalent to 0.25MB (0.25 million bytes)

Now if they were to sell you a package which contained 0.25MBps, would you go ahead with it? No because it seems so little so they just rename it to 2Mb. So dont be confused, 2Mb actually refers to you being able to download at 0.25MBps (250Kbps) But, 2Mb averages out to about 0.9Mb because of Virgin Media traffic shaping.

I hope that’s made things a bit clearer so when they launch a 100Mb service for some rediculous sum of money just remember it’s only 10MB.

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Virgin Retentions Fight

Well looking back on my Virginmedia bills I’m currenlty paying £37.68 for L BB(10MB) and XL TV which is quite a lot higher than when I first signed up. So after 3 calls to retentions 0845 454 1111 I managed to negotiate a better deal….

L BB 10MB                                                                                                                    


L Phone

£35 per month

I also managed to blag a free wireless router but only becuase I asked for it, I don’t need it as already have wireless but always good to have a spare (or two). I’m relieved I can finally ditch TalkTalk phone line as i’ve only really been paying the line rental each month because we have mobiles.

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V+ Backups

Every since I got V+ I manage to record a mass amount of tv but never have the time to watch it all. What this mean is that I have to delete unwatched stuff to make way for new programs. Now it has a dvd recorder function but this would mean I have to go out and buy one plus you can't edit the program so you still get the adverts which seems pointless. You can also put onto vhs but don't think I need to say anymore on the cons of that format. So now that I have my upgraded pc running I thing ill go with some sort of capture device for that and see how it goes.

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NAS Online

Well after Gemma's laptop got a Vista Bug which meant all it would do was boot up into a black screen with with a moveable cursor I decided to finish building my nas. After some head banging I got samba working properly so we have individual private folders and I public one to share stuff. I managed to get the documents off her old disk and moved them onto the nas. Rebuilt vista on the laptop and set all the windows documents shortcuts to point the relevant folders on the nas rather than on the local drive. So if laptop ever crashes again all have to do is reinstall the os and relink folders without having to worry about data recovery etc.

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