More Speed Please

Put in request to Virgin for my free upgrade on my BB from 2mb to 10mb so hopefully will get that soon. Although I know it’s not going to be all singing and all dancing as i’m sure it will mean I will just hit their rate shaping limits faster ha.

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Total Control Remote

After the boy resetting my Total Control Remote for like the fourth time and giving up using the search facility of the remote which involves prssing a button like 100’s of times until you find the right one I decided to scour the web for the right code. After some digging I found out that the Wharfedale DV832B Freeview Box is actually a Goodmans GDB3 Clone so I entered the code for Goodmans freeview box 1307 and low and behold it worked!. I quickly wrote down the code for furture reference but also wanted the code for my TV without entering all the ones for Panasonic again to find it and that’s where the ‘Blink Back Function’ comes in….

Press TV
Press and hold SETUP until POWER button blinks twice.
Enter 990 (POWER button blinks twice again).
Press 1 (number of blinks is first digit of code – eg. zero blinks means first digit of code is zero)
Press 2, and count number of blinks for second digit of code.
Press 3, and count number of blinks for third digit of code.
Press 4, and count number of blinks for fourth digit of code.

And voila found out my TV is 1964

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V+ Tips And Tricks

Control TV Volume Via V+ Remote

As standard the V+ box has it’s own volume control and it can be a bit harsh as there’s a big jump between each step. So the following will explain how to set it up to only use your tv volume. I will use the code 0678 which is for my TV as an example….

HINT: (Turn the volume down on your tv to 0 then set the volume on your V+ box to max. If you don’t and your V+ is set low you’ll need to really crank up your tv volume to hear anything)


In the Home menu press…

9 Help & info

7Help with your remote

Find the TV make you are looking for

Press and hold Vol + and the Mute button for 3 or 4 seconds until the red light in top right of remote flashes

Enter the four digit code ie 0678 you have to do it within 10 seconds

The light will flash and the volume up and down should then work, if not try the next code.

If you hit a major problem enter the code 0683 to reset your remote to factory default.

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V+ 24hrs On

Well i’ve had my V+ service for 24 hours now and I must say i’m pleasently impressed. The install went smoothly and I just let the guy put the box on top of the tv and after he left I ripped it all out and re-jigged it, oh he did forget the batteries for the remote which was a bit annoying, bloody AAA as well but I found some in the end which was a relief.

One thinig that did baffle me was that he had to install a splitter (All 2 metres of it so i’ve got cable everywhere) to go from the wall box to the modem and V+ box. Now consdiering the V+ box has an ethernet port on it surely there must be a way to integrate a modem into it as well so you could have an all in one solution?.

Firstly yes the planner is slow and after selecting a channel it does take a few seconds before it changes. I’ve found the V+ features to be easy to use and I like the fact that I can record 2 channels and watch a third (sky is record 1 watch 1). Pause live tv is good as is the one button 7 second replay. I had a tinker with the on demand stuff this morning and there’s plenty for everyone including whole series of different shows.

One of the first settings I changed was making it that if you want to purchase a film you have to enter a pin number first which will hopefully prevent ‘accidental viewing’ I’ve heard a few stories about people watching stuff they didn’t realise they had to pay extra for.

The box has plenty of connectors which ‘should’ satisfy most peoples needs. I also like the fact that it’s HD ready and comes with a HDMI cable.

Things are looking good so far….

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