RC Stuff

Well it’s been some time since i’ve tinkered with RC models. I used to race electric buggies when I was in high school then didn’t really touch them until I got a HPI Super Nitro Rally about 6/7 years ago.

I’ve since sold it because it was nothing but grief as it never ran right. Ive decided to go back to basics and get a stadium truck so I can re-learn everything and then see where it goes from there.

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Silencing The Linksys EG008W

Every night the misses turns off my gigabit router as she says the fan
is too loud. Well I decided to make it it quieter a) to stop her
nagging and b) because I need it on 24 hours, this mod will hopefully
ensure peace for her & peace for me.

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GlobalScale Technologies have recently announced the follow up to their SheevaPlug model the GuruPlug. And I must say what a sexy little bit of kit it is (sad I know) there’s two versions, the standard is pretty much the same as the SheevaPlug, the Plus edition would be the way to go as it gives you 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, one eSATA connector, and built-in WiFi and Bluetooth + nice LOW power consumption.

Understandably i’m highly tempted as it would be a good replacement for my NSLU2 but can’t warrant the outplay as it would be merely a ‘toy’. I will give it a year and see if the price drops.


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Twitter API

Had some free time yesterday so tinkered with Twitter. Never really used it much before but yesterday I managed to hook it into ‘motion’ so it automatically updates the status when the webcam detects movement.

After a bit of a headache I finally got my USB thermometer working on my Linux box and today I managed to hook that into Twitter as well so I will probably make a little cron script to update it every hour or so.

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Dungeons & Dragons – The Final Episode

Complete random post this one but after seeing an offer for the Complete Series of Dungeons & Dragons it was pointed out that the final episode ‘Requiem‘ was never actually made but rather sat in paper form on the writers bookshelf. It appears the wannabe Dungeon Masters have bugged the writer Michael Reaves some what so he’s released the script for the final episode for everyone to read.

I for one won’t be buying the DVD boxset as sometimes things are best just left as good memories as I’m sure it won’t be as enjoyable now i’m 30 (ish). BUT I will be reading Requiem when I have my lunch today.

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