Mobile Streaming

Oh dear just had a ‘Hmm that sounds like a good project idea’ basically now my slug is more or less redundant i’m gonna try to get it configured for wireless internet webcam streaming. Should be interesting.

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Toy Is here….

Yup my new toy turned up yesterday, it’s a linksys NSLU2 network storage link. "But that doesn’t sound very exciting" I hear you cry, you don’t think i’m going to leave it running factory stock firmware/software do you???? Next thing I need to get is a 2.5" external usb drive.

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Oh No

I think my modding might go a bit further as i’ve just found a shop that’s probably going to be dangerous to my wallet, you know, the oo I like that oo and that oo i’ll have that as well type one.

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Ascot……Wish i’d bet

3:45 Royal Ascot St James Palace Stakes

I don’t bloody believe it Mastercraftsman won

3:45 | 6 Mastercraftsman (J Murtagh, 5-6 fav); 2 Delegator (J Fortune, 4-1 2nd-fav); 5 Lord Shanakill (Jim Crowley, 20-1 ); 10 ran.

Wish i’d put a bet on now rah!!!! with 5/6 odds if i’d put on a nifty I would have won £92, BLOODY ARSE!

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