Fun bus

I'm really on the big red fun bus. No I kid you not driver is under training and is useless doesn't know where he's going forgetting to open doors oh and running late pah. But to add to the excitment there's a guy from the bus company shouting STOP, LEFT, DOORS ha

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New level

That's right I've finally sacome to a new level of geekyness 'blogging on the move' currently on a bus on the way to work and my first 'i observe' thought for the say is… how can it be that I was first at the bus stop but last on the bus?

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After lots of twoing and froing on deciding how to to have a decent home NAS setup I decided to ditch the whole run one on a spare atx box idea and instead got an Iomega Home Network Drive. It has 2x250gb IDE drives in it. Now I plyed with it for 2 days and couldn’t get anything out of it apart from setting up the disks. I created shares etc but couldn’t access them, the ftp server wouldn’t start and the media streaming was next to useless, so in 2 days I didn’t manage to get a single file onto it.

So after some searching I found some opensource linux based firmware @ which took about 5 minutes to install and went without a hitch.

So far i’ve installed nano,apache2,modphp and twonkymedia although the later i’m still testing.

Next I have to find the best way of setting up raid 1 on it but so far i’m impressed. All this functionality from such a small unit can’t be sniffed at.

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The Complete Black Necta Entry

After noticing I have many entries re black necta i’ve decided to put it all into one post to make things easier for visitors.

Final Hardware

Antec 300 Case
Corsair HX520W PSU
Abit IP35 PRO Motherboard

4GB OCZ Memory
Intel Core2Duo E6600 CPU
Arctic Cooler 7 Pro Heatsink & Fan
XFX 8800GTS Extreme Overclocked Version GPU
2x 80 Gig SATA II Samsung Spinpoint HDD

2x Sharkoon 120mm Silent Eagle Blue LED Case Fans


XP Professional (I’m still not convinced with vista)

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Due to me already building a NAS I have no need for large drives in my new rig so i’ve gone for two 80 gig SATA II Samsung Spinpoints which i’m going to put into RAID 1.

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Picked up the first part for my build today an Arctic Cooler 7 Pro Heatsink and Fan looks the nuts.

I’m trying to decide on a name for but new pc build project but as yet nothings jumping out at me ha.

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