Jarhead Movie

Got this on DVD for christmas and have managed to get round to watching it.

Jarhead is true story based on a book written by a U.Sm Marine. The film follows the main character Anthony Swofford played by Jake Gyllenhaal about his pre-Desert Storm experiences in Saudi Arabia and about his experiences fighting in Kuwait. The film shows a somewhat brief introduction to his training before he’s packed off to the middle east. Out there the story follows his and the rest of his regiments ups down and fustrations of being 1000’s of miles away from loved ones and not seeing any fighting action.

The biggest thing I can say is if your looking for a war film then let this pass you by as this one definately is not, if your looking for that then your better off going with Apocalypse Now or Full Metal Jacket. I percieved Jarhead more as a documentary following the army life of marine from training, to war, to home again. The film was shot with striking cinematography, scences in the desert especially the oil fires top the chart for me. It has some political undertones however I didn’t find them to be a distraction as there are comical pieces in the movie to stop it from getting ‘too heavy’. All in all a worth watching and I would be quite happy to sit down for a second viewing.

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Well i’m all pigged out, ate enough food to feed the whole of west london and drank the same ammount to boot. Got lots of excellent presents and now on a christmas wind down chilling and drinking 🙂

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The Hogfather

I waited for in anticipation at the announcement of the TV adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s The Hogfather from his Discworld series. I remember reading it many years ago which is a miracle in itself as i’m not a big reader but I enojeyed it none the less. It was aired on skyone on 18/12/06 & 19/12/06 between 20:00-22:00 and I must say it didn’t disapoint, it stayed very true to the book and didn’t loose the humour. A good cast was to be had….

David Jason – Albert
David Warner – Lord Downey
Ian Richardson – Voice Of Death
Joss Ackland – Mustrum Ridcully
Marc Warren – Teatime
Michelle Dockery – Susan
Neil Pearson – The Raven
Nigel Planer – Mr Sidney
Peter Guiness – Medium Dave
Stepehen Marcus – Banjo
Tony Robinson – Vernon Crumley

Although four hours long it didn’t seem like it and it bounced along and I never bored of it.

Death was by far my favourite character

I’ve decided that for a laugh from now on when I do reviews I will give a chainsaw rating out of 5. And a surprise even to me, The Hogfather gets

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Got Car

Or van to be precise off ebay. It’s not bad for what I paid for it a bit tatty but hey i’m looking forward to the 50 mpg from the power that is diesel ha.

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